Visit the Van Nelle Factories with Chabot

Along the bank of the river Schie lies a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site: the Van Nelle Factory. The unique building from 1931 is considered to be the symbol of Dutch modernism. The factory is world famous for its progressive design, in which air, light and space gained an entirely new role in architecture. It is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary buildings in town. Even Le Corbusier called it “the most beautiful spectacle of the modern age”.

Visit the Van Nelle Factory – UNESCO world heritage site since June 2014 – with an experienced guide from the wonderful Urban Guides. Devotees of architecture, art and industrial heritage will thoroughly enjoy themselves with this tour celebrating Rotterdam’ Modernism.

In a one and a half hour programme, you will get to know two gems of the modern movement. The tour starts and ends at the Chabot Museum. The guide introduces the Rotterdam Modernist Style through the Modernist Museumpark Villa that houses the Chabot Museum. After this we head for the Van Nelle Factories with our own bus. Ofcourse in keeping with the COVID-9 restrictions. In the guided tour in the Van Nelle Factory the architecture, production process and the transformation of the factory will come to life. With an experienced Van Nelle-guide you’ll experience the building from inside out and discover why this groundbreaking design was of great architectural importance. After this, we travel back to the Chabot Museum in the Museumpark. 


Would you like to know even more about the Van Nelle Factories? Dr. Marieke Kuipers wrote a concise guide (in English), which can be bought at the Chabot Museum for € 14,95.


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